Your favorite at your doorsteps

Anytime is a good time to treat yourself to some new pieces for your wardrobe. And for today’s post, I’m so excited to be partnering up with to share with you the relaunch of their online shopping website in India!    For today’s post, I wore this stunning mexi dress that basically screams summer […]

My beauty care story

I feel facial is a must for every skin type as it is more intense treatment for skin. Recently I noticed my skin on the face is getting dry. This is commonly caused by extreme weather conditions or harmonal changes in the body. So its very important to learn how to moisturize your face properly to lock […]

super comfy style

The past few weeks have been such a blur, with so much happening and time has literally flown by! I can’t believe we’re already halfway through February ! But I’m really not complaining, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I hope you guys are following me on Instagram (username : sushmitaaquarian), because I have […]

Singapore travel story

Hey there! How is February treating you guys! A few of my travel stories are pending but here’s a glance into one of my recent ones; my last trip of 2016! Singapore!  The city keeps you happy and fresh which could be the reason why I spent my days completely relaxed. I wandered around, ate different exotic dishes […]

flawless feeling

I’ve often had that clueless feeling when I think about what I could wear for a party or wedding reception. You can never tell whether you’ll be over- or underdressed for an occasion, and you won’t know until you show up looking like a sore thumb amongst everyone else. By then, it is too late […]

My fashion inventions

“Hello” my lovely readers💃 Today I’ll Give u updates of my own fashion inventions. It’s about how I make make my own outfits. This look is all about ethnic fusion. I love dressing up in traditional wear for the festive season, but sometimes it’s a lot of fun to mix up different styles with Your […]

Olive colour obsession 

Winter brings in its gorgeous trends; dark colours,layers and lots more! This season, there have been one too many trends I’ve been obsessed with. Velvet, suede, faux leather, camouflage, and patches to name a few. But none of these compare to how obsessed I’ve been with the colour olive these past few months. I don’t say the […]

love for sarees

Hii guys, EditThis is going to be one of my favorite posts because I love wearing something traditional and that too with traditional jewellery. I have been waiting for so long to shoot in saree and I got this opportunity when I found lovely collection of pure silk sarees in Chennai silk stores in Mumbai. […]