Jazz up wid denim

After years of debate it is now official that the denim is a bonafide perennial fashion. A denim is one of those things that cannot look wrong even if you tried hard to make it, as long as it fits well and has its own voice to boot. A denim can say a lot of […]

Celebrating 15k ! Yaye!

Hello beautiful people,  This post is to thank you guys endlessly in supporting me throughout my journey. 15,000 followers is probably not a big deal in today’s time. And for a fact, it is not even about the number, but to know that so many of you think I’m worth following and keeping up with my […]

A luxury twin set

Hello there, Twin sets are amongst the hottest trends. I too love twin sets which help me skip finding what would go with my top or pants. They are effortless my lazy outfit. Twins sets can be worn in any occasions. Be it meetings, dinner, party, events etc. Also, I love how twin sets are […]

One shoulder Snug dress

I’ve seen this happen to so many people, it’s almost not even funny. I like to go on shopping sprees with some set ideas in my mind as to what colours and styles I’m going to pick – I love blues and whites in my clothes, I really do, but what I always end up […]

The black

I know I’m not the only one that experiences this, but we all have those days when we can’t find anything to wear. And if it’s before a big night, more often than not, we resort to a black dress. I have a countless number of LBDs and black maxis, and they’re like my constant saviours. […]

Party ready for summer with jobong

Summer may have the potential to make us break a sweat the moment we step out, but it also brings out the fun colourful pieces from our wardrobe! And that only means that it’s time to unleash those breathable, lightweight outfits in the perfect soft, summer hues. Alia bhatt’s clothing line, Alia bhatt for for […]

Your favorite at your doorsteps

Anytime is a good time to treat yourself to some new pieces for your wardrobe. And for today’s post, I’m so excited to be partnering up with stalkbylove.com to share with you the relaunch of their online shopping website in India!    For today’s post, I wore this stunning mexi dress that basically screams summer […]

Styling up with Jacqueline Fernandez

Summer’s on it’s 1st leg and I couldn’t be more excited to embrace some spring/summer transitions in my wardrobe.This is probably one of my favourite outfits in quite a while because my favorite actress Jacqueline Fernandez was found in same style recently. Sewberry’s new collection hit their online stores recently, with an array of summer […]

Embroidered taj blouse

While having morden lifestyle i do have huge love towards traditional wear and designs. i give credits to my mom. she is true fan of traditional wear and jwellary and she is successful in creating her likes in me. Anytime is a good time to treat yourself to some new pieces for your wardrobe. And […]