Celebrating 15k ! Yaye!

Hello beautiful people, 

This post is to thank you guys endlessly in supporting me throughout my journey. 15,000 followers is probably not a big deal in today’s time. And for a fact, it is not even about the number, but to know that so many of you think I’m worth following and keeping up with my updates. Every like and comment means a lot.

Been away for the longest time from the Blog now but have a lot of things lined up for you guys. I was working on a project which had me travelling to Delhi so was really caught up with that.

Who doesn’t love statement jewellery? Statement jewellery is a must in every girl’s closet. They are so quirky and edgy at the same time. Every piece has so much detailing and I’ve been crushing on them from forever. Swarovski plays our partner in crime for helping us hoard gorgeous pieces. Generally with statement jewellery I end up looking for a lot before liking 1-2 pieces from most stores but Swarovski is one of those places where I eyed every piece and I feel its priced well considering they are exclusive statement pieces. You can check them on Instagram as well as Facebook.


Coming to the clothing, the crop top and high waist trouser I am wearing for this post are from h&m and channel basics. Trousers are very comfortable and i decided it to team up with a white crop top. Totally loved the detailing of the crop top. With the pair up being basic, I decided to wear statement neck pice to lift the look.

Accessorie and makeup details:

My Handbag is from Gucci and i used huda liquid matte cherry red lipstick.


I expected this post to be smaller but never mind :’). I’m hoping to do a monsoon post soon for you guys. Till then miss me!

Much love,
Sushmita pai kane

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