A luxury twin set

Hello there,
Twin sets are amongst the hottest trends. I too love twin sets which help me skip finding what would go with my top or pants. They are effortless my lazy outfit. Twins sets can be worn in any occasions. Be it meetings, dinner, party, events etc. Also, I love how twin sets are so versatile.
Jorss is a boutique located in Juhu Mumbai and I recently went to their store. They cater to the Indo-Western audience and they had some really statement clothing but what caught my eyes was this twin set. I always love white in luxury wear . White has been trending since forever and I’ve never worn anything in my ootds or blog so I thought this would be making up for it. I loved the flow of the skirt as it gave a chic royal look.

I paired this outfit with lovely one-shoulder jwelary which is made up of white Pearl. It brought total royal look to the outfit.

Jorss is soon coming with huge summer sale in the end of the may. And mostly this year  i will get to collaborate with them 👍

I am very happy to see many of u commenting and sharing my blogs.

Thanq so much



4 thoughts on “A luxury twin set

  1. So gorgeous!! Love the way you’ve paired it with the one-shoulder jewelry, it looks like it was made for it! 😍😍

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